Herne-Bay Air Show 2016 – Meh!

Wow what an event this was for us, not!

We all rolled out of bed at 9am this morning, despite setting my alarm for 6.30am. Ate breakfast, got ready and we were out the door by 10.30am…impressive if I may say so. Thank you to all the bus wan#ers (LOL) the roads were very clear until we hit the main road leading into Herne Bay. The traffic wasn’t all that bad and we found a parking space the first road we went down. Well, all thanks to Riley’s blue badge! Apparently we can park anywhere with it…result!

I got the buggy set up, loaded up with the vitals and of course Riley! I tied Summer on my back using a sling my kind neighbour got for me when she went on holiday. And we were off! I was feeling very proud and positive. As I started walking I checked I had everything and OMG where I had put summer on my back my dress was half way up to my shoulders! Thankfully I discovered it when I did it wouldn’t be a pretty sight for others, just think Bridget Jones, lol!

There was so much going on and so much to see, I miss events like this! It takes me back to when I little and we would meet family and all hang out in a big crowd. Well today it was just R, S and I and I intended to have a good time. I walked around not having a clue where to go just enjoying being in control.

There were food places and alcoholic traitors, kmfm were there and there were lots of other beautiful art stalls I didn’t get a chance to look at. My gosh I needed a wine the moment we parked up as I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but I only have 1 pair of hands.

We found a nice little spot around 11.30am. I couldn’t have been more prepared if I tried (well apart from the fact I left the nappies and wipes in the car!) Riley was in the buggy with a huge sharing bag of cheese crisps and Summer was on sat on the wall munching on a chocolate chip brioche. I could see Wetherspoons and all I could think about was WINEEEEE! After lots of bribery with sweets and toys finally it’s 12pm, the start of the show!

It’s the flipping airshow I don’t know what I thought I’d expect but the moment we saw the first aeroplane Summer decided to play sleepy buggers! Seriously?! It pained me to get Riley out of the buggy as I knew exactly how he would be but Summer wanted to chill so I switch them so Summer could nap.

Riley was here there and everywhere and we very quickly moved away from the golden spot we claimed so early. Riley was walking and holding my hand which was a start, I guess. I bought a chicken and chips thinking I could find a quiet spot and sit with Riley whilst he ate but no! Riley ran ahead but I was confident I had my eyes on him 100% whilst holding the buggy, that was until he ran over some pebble path that I couldn’t take the buggy! I put the brake on and ran over to grab Riley where some woman was spouting off at him because he walked in front of her and her child. I said to her ‘sorry, Riley’s autistic’ she then apologized (Like if she wasn’t being a cu%t then she wouldn’t have anything to apologize for, right?)

There you have it, everyone’s so quick to moan and judge if something happens that they don’t agree with without a thought that there may be more behind the happenings. Anyway 35 mins into the airshow, 2 planes and a bit of smoke down and we were set to go home. Have I forgotten how to be fun?

4 pounds for a large portion of chips, 5 pounds for a souvenir booklet are you shitting me? Do people really pay these prices? Had I have stayed any longer I still couldn’t have told the planes apart from my arse to me elbow. It was hot, too hot I was sweating and there were so many people it was crazy!

Yes Riley is autistic which means sometimes he gets massively overwhelmed in busy places. Hell, I was with him and ready to go after 35 minutes! I couldn’t be dealing with listening to everyone else’s conversations (why do people feel the need to shout?!) The stench of gross fags, the sight of disgusting over priced food and I was just NOT feeling good vibes (Wow does that make me a huge snob?!) Once you seen one plane you seen them all right?!

We headed to the car where Riley surprised me and smothered himself in tomato ketchup whilst eating the chicken and chips which I guess was great for his massive sensory issues?! We stopped at Co-op before heading home where I picked up some much-needed essentials including wine!

We are now out in the garden Kiss Fm is blaring out the speakers, paddling pool is out, kids are playing on the trampoline and I’m enjoying a much-needed glass of wine and writing this. Summer’s chasing buddy round the garden with the hose pipe and there’s not place I’d rather be.

The best things in life are free!

C x

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