Henna Eyebrows – (Allergic Reaction)

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Today on the blog, you might have guessed from the title. I’m going to tell you about the first and last time I had my eyebrows Henna tattooed (this is not with a needle, just drawn on with henna)

I’ve always been very conscious of my eyebrows, as I’ve not much to show for them. I’m not very good at drawing them on and have toyed around with the idea of someone tattooing them either with henna or micro-blading, which is permanent for a good year or so.

I had a skin test carried out on the middle section of my arm (opposite side to my elbow) 48 hours before the service was carried out. This was fine, no itching, not even a blemish!

On the 22nd of December I plucked up the courage to carry out this treatment along with an eyelash lift and tint.

The service itself was uncomfortable. Even though I was paying for this and a customer I felt like a bit of a problem. There was ‘mindful, relaxing’ music playing on an iPod but that I felt was too loud to even think let alone relax. I tried to make conversation and compliment the managers salon but she didn’t seem overly interested, there were a lot of silences or me asking questions.

The eyebrows were first and although I was very worried I’d end up with a brow shape pictured below! (Hey ho no-ones judging, they’re just NOT for me!)

The manager actually got stuck in with her thread, measuring these out and ensuring they matched, she didn’t give me any reason to worry.

Once the Henna had been put on she moved on to carry out the eyelash tint and lift. Initially I wanted eyelash extensions as I know my lashes are very short. However it was discussed that she didn’t offer this service and ensured my lashes would appear fuller with a tint, so we went ahead.

The manager again highlighted ‘oh your lashes are very short I’m having trouble sticking them to the glue’ I thought perhaps this won’t work then?! Why not advise this wouldn’t be the best treatment to give me the look I wanted to achieve, or was it just about the money?

When the Henna had been removed and my eyelashes were complete I got off the bed and went to adjust my hair to realise there was wax in it (from the small area she waxed between my eyebrows and under) It wasn’t a great wax as I had to tweezer some hairs out when I got home! How did she even manage to get wax in the bottom part of my hair which was nowhere near my brows?!

Anyway the next part is very shocking, and I have no idea why I didn’t say something there and then! I kicked myself when I got back to my car.

I said to the manager ‘there’s wax in my hair’ remembering that I was within a hair and beauty establishment she got my hair between her hands and pulled it out…with her hands snapping my hair!! Why didn’t she use scissors? How unprofessional is this?!

I paid the money and left. I got back to the car to have a proper look as I felt uncomfortable in the salon and took some selfies with my new brows, as you do, ha!

There was a small section on the top of my left eyebrow that looked noticeably bare and my eyelashes…well…just think of a 90 degree angle!

What a total fu£k up, damaged, waste of time and money for myself. Even now I’m still struggling to apply mascara due to the indent in my lashes and them being so short. Don’t be fooled by the picture below. This was taken with a snapchat filter. Oh gosh, my life would be sorted if I could live my whole life in a snapchat filter! 


I wanted to go pop back in and mention my brow but I genuinely felt uncomfortable and thought I’d just pencil it in to save the confrontation. I’m really not one to shy away and I usually ALWAYS speak my mind so thinking about it now I’m not sure what held me back.

I went from this, image at the top to this, image below! Pretty amazing, huh! (And the brows – joke!) I was very surprised that by just having my eyebrows done the instant boost in confidence this gave me.

I saw a friend later that day at a Winter Wonderland event I took the kids. My friend also works at the same salon. I mentioned my bare eyebrow and she said it wasn’t too obvious but I should go back and have the section re-done rather than having to pencil this in if I wasn’t 100% happy because I was a paying customer. She said she would speak to her manager and later that evening I got another appointment to go back.

I was loving my eyebrows although on the day of and day before my 2nd appointment, Christmas Eve, 24th December 2018. I did start to feel a little itchy on my brows and there were a few small bumps within my brows which I mentioned to the manager. I also said that my left eye was very irritable, sore and it felt like there was an eyelash stuck under my eyelid.

This right here should have been MY wake up call not to go ahead and have more Henna put on! I guess I thought that if there was a real problem the manager would have told me she couldn’t carry out another service if I was showing these signs. I put myself in her hands as this isn’t my area. I already felt like a double pain going back for her do re-do this section. I even offered to pay again for her time!

Long story short come the following day – CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!! I did not expect to be in as much pain and discomfort as I was for the next 3 weeks.

All thought out Christmas and New year I was homebound! There only time I left was to visit the doctors twice to get 2 lots of separate antibiotics and steroids to help with severe allergic reaction because the first set given to me was making me dizzy and vomit.

My whole Christmas and new year, the whole of the time spent with my children being off school was ruined due to this. I was in bed for 3-5 days on and off because of the full effect this took on my whole body. My eyes/ face swelled up. My eyebrows were raw and constantly weeping down into my eyes. It was just awful.

Here are a few pictures I took though out this.

Looking back at these make my tummy turn over. I’m so glad I took photos as looking back at them now actually they were a lot worse than I remember.

I struggled to remove the dried and wet, yellow puss in order to clean the area and put on steroid cream as it was like removing scabs that pulled out whatever remaining eyebrow hair I have left.

I spent all of the holidays like this! Sexy…not! 

All throughout the holidays my friend who works at the salon was in contact with me, constantly checking in, offering her support – she’s amazing! She also reached out to the manager to let her know what had happened.

The manager phoned me just after Christmas to discuss. She didn’t really say much accept that a skin test had been carried out and not sure how this had happened. She said she’d return my money as a good will gesture and that was it really.

On the 1st January (happy new year to me!) after another sleepless night due to my eyebrows I sent the manager a long message on Facebook and attached a few of the current photos of my brows. I asked if she could provide me the name of the Henna she’d used as I have had Henna in the past and not had a reaction.

Her reply to my 5 paragraph message and 7 photos (above pics) –

‘Hi sorry just seen this I’ll send u info from the supplier asap’

This was also after waiting days for a response that in the end I had to ask my friend to let her know of my message.

On the 7th of January I went into the salon to pick up information about the products used and also to get a refund. Wow you could have cut the tension in the atmosphere with a knife. The second I walked in the door and she looked up I could see all over her face she was pissed off.

After a very uncomfortable short conversation and not really getting much of a response accept ‘you should have gone to the doctors sooner’ or ‘we did the skin test so don’t know how this happened’

There was no aftercare what so ever, the apology given pained her and I could tell it was forced from her facial expressions. The fact this was her own business I would have expected her to have been a little more aware of the bad publicity this could have on her through either word of mouth,  social media or any other channels. There were a lot of silences and in the end she walked me to the door and I left as still an unhappy customer…the end!

Today is the 23rd January almost a month after this ordeal and I’m left with red and shiny (from scaring) eyebrows! I’m having to wear make up everyday and learning how to draw on my eyebrows very quickly! If I felt conscious of my eyebrows before I have no idea what I’m feeling now! NEVER AGAIN!!!

I think the fact a skin test was carried out I cannot put blame on the salon. Whether the products that I was tested with were the same as what was used on my brows, I don’t know?! Again that’s trust and faith I have to put into the salon as it’s not my area of expertise.

I’m more upset and annoyed about the aftercare and the total lack of compassion that this has had on my family and I over what should be the most wonderful time of the year!  (In the voice of Andy Williams)

That’s my story – over and out! What do you think? Should I/ could I take legal action? A few people have mentioned I should as this is on my face.

Have you had a reaction before? I’d love to hear from you and the outcomes.

Click this link to watch a quick YouTube video I did at the time.

Thanks for reading!

Clare xo


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