Hedgehugs – Boolino book review

We were recently contacted to review a selection of books. Summer in particular that gets bored very quickly of books. Our first book received from Boolino was called ‘Hedgehugs’ by Lucy Tapper & Steven Wilson.

I couldn’t wait to read the story to Summer. Naughty Mummy read this one evening whilst Summer was sleeping. I was just too excited, haha!

I’ve now read this to Summer and I think she really enjoyed listing to the story and looking at all the beautifully illustrated pictures. The book reads exactly what it says in the title. It’s about two hedgehogs that want to hug each other but their prickles keep getting in the way. But it is a perfect happy ending for Horrice and Hattie.
The book retails at £6.99. You can find this along with full range at Maverick books. It’s a happy story that I certainly won’t get bored of reading. I also get to have lots of squeezey hugs with my daughter. It’s made of a high quality and the pages have a glossy finish. Each page is full of lots to look at as opposed to just 2 hedgehogs, this is also filled with lots of different colours which I think helps keep children engagement.

I decided to read the book again to Summer filming this for my Youtube channel. Summer wasn’t so cooperative the second time around. You got to love unpredictable toddlers! Link below if you’d like to hear the story.

MM x




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