Healthy Weight & Sugar Awareness Week

I recently lost over 2 and a half stone. I use the word recently ‘very’ lightly! What made me challenge myself to lose weight was the time I laid on my bed crying because I couldn’t fit into a pair of designer jeans I’d had for years. I felt angry, firey and felt sick at the sight of myself in the mirror and photos. I decided to weigh myself and to get fit fast!

Very anxiously I stepped on the scales and after finding my weight I used the NHS website to calculate my BMI and what my ‘healthy’ weight was. I was OBESE!!!!!!! Very unhappy face! In my mind I have a very different idea of what obese looks like but I thought maybe I’ve been blind and far to snacky happy!

It was in that very tearful moment that I decided I would turn things around and I’d be my prime weight again. I have always believed that looking good makes me us good. After 2 and half stone dropping off and friends and family commenting how good I looked I was feeling mighty fine!

Guess what?! I’ve put all the weight back on!! So as of the 1st January I set myself a goal to achieve and I will go for gold!

These are the steps I will take –

  • Porridge/ measured out cereal and a banana for breakfast
  • A shake for lunch
  • Weight watchers meal/ healthy meal for dinner
  • Fruit, green tea, nuts and other seeded bars for snacks throughout the day

It worked before, it’ll work again! I also took weight loss supplements to help boost my metabolism which I only ever purchase from Holland and BarrettI religiously used the ‘My Fitness Pal’ app because lets face it, you can’t argue with maths!

This app is annoying magic because once you have put all your figures in it shows you how many calories you can consume per day along with lots of other benefits. If you stick to this app and only eat the calories you are allowed (ps that doesn’t mean you can gobble a McDonald’s every day and nothing else) because it calculates the fat, sugar etc content too. But you WILL lose weight!

For me sugar was a biggie along with bread! Honestly you cut down on these beauties…I mean naughties and you’re on the road to a slimmer you, even before you’ve downloaded any fitness apps!

I used to have 2 sugars in a cup of coffee, I was powered by coffee! As soon as I switched to green tea I saw a huge difference. I know what you’re thinking ‘but you don’t get the same factors from green tea, i.e. the hit’ You’ll have better skin, that’s proven but also you’ll lose the muffin tops (if like me, you have an!) along with gaining many other benefits. If you don’t like green tea then give something else a go, flavoured tea, water or even coffee just limit the sugar until you can cut it out completely.

These 2 teas right here are my all time favourites if you want to send me a gift! What can I say…they’re PUKKA!

If you get time this week check your weight and BMI as part of the ‘healthy weight week’ challenge. Also try to cut back on your sugar intake where possible. And if you’re really feeling up for a challenge download ‘My fitness pal’ app and take on the challenge with me to become your ‘healthy’ weight.

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Clare 🙂

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