HEALTHY BALANCE ~ Charles Worthington Review

Hello y’all, hope you’ve had a great bank holiday Monday!

The past 2 weeks I have been trialing Charles Worthington’s revolutionary NEW Healthy Balance range.

The must have hair collection that combats, harmonises and brings balance between greasy roots and dry ends.

This hair hero contains ingredients to counterbalance the extremes of each end of your hair, leaving your strands healthier and fresher for longer.

Each year I go through an impulsive bleach phase. This is typically when my hair is of a good length and in a glossy and healthy condition – go figure!

And each year after only a few months I dye my hair back brown (my natural colour) and have to cut a good few inches of broken and split ends off. Aged 33, you’d think I’d have learned my lesson by now – nope!

Needless to say, this was in fact the case a few months back. However this time round there were a lot more breakages, especially at my roots.

I’ve struggled for weeks to get a brush through my hair, which has resulted in me using hair product after hair product to try and gain back at least some control.

I was kindly gifted the following Charles Worthington’s products –

~ Healthy Balance Harmonising Shampoo

~ Healthy Balance Dry Ends Conditioner

~ Healthy Balance One Day Longer Dry Shampoo

I hand on heart am in love with this new range. I’ve used nothing but these hair products over the past 2 weeks.

I, like most women suffer with greasy roots and dry ends and I’m totally shocked by how much longer my hair has managed to stay fresh combining with ‘one day longer’ dry shampoo.

The Harmonising Shampoo feels velvety and has a sweet luxurious sweet scent. A little of this product goes a long way and lathers very well.

Dry Ends Conditioner also has a luscious smell. I love the firmness of the squeeze on this bottle. With most conditioners I squeeze out far too much product but with this I squeeze out just the right amount. It’s as though the bottle is telling me less is more.

The final rinse always feels amazing, just like when you’ve had your hair washed at the salon. You know that fresh, deep clean but kind feeling? When you know you’ve had a good hair wash with gentle, balanced and great quality products.

I used to wash my hair everyday but with these products I’m able to leave my hair for at least 4 days combining with the dry shampoo. My hair feels fresher for longer, soft, smells great and is beginning to shine again. But most importantly I have the correct balance of oils to gain healthy hair and it’s also a bonus I get a brush through it!

These are my new MUST HAVES and will be part of my routine moving forward.

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