Happy ‘Gal’entine’s Day


How’s your day been so far?


Have you received a card from a secret admirer?

We’re celebrating ‘Galantines Day’ with L.O.L Surprise! this year.

Summer loved opening the Confetti Pop she was sent. She also enjoyed spending the afternoon with her 2 BFF’s and watching them open their exclusive L.O.L Valentine’s Day cards and Lil Sister Surprises.

Watch Summer’s YouTube video by CLICKING HERE

The photos say it all…don’t you think?

This is the doll Summer got in her Confetti Pop, talk about cool! –

It’s no surprise to me whatsoever that L.O.L surprise! Was the sellout toy of 2017 also taking the top spot as toy of the year!

It’s great to hear they’re kicking off 2018 with a new series and even more surprises!

My daughter has always been a fan and was delighted when I told her we would be sent the new confetti pop and two lil sisters for two of her BFF’s to open along with exclusive BFF Valentines Day cards.

The Confetti pop’s RRP is 10.99 and was launched this Spring. This offers 9 brand new surprises, including new dolls, new accessories and a new surprise water feature.

A side from all the above new features hidden amongst the layers is a ribbon that invites you to pull and reveal a confetti pop surprise, which can be enjoyed over and over again.

The ‘Lil Sisters’ range RRP is 5.99 and they have 5 surprises, the clue hints at which doll is hidden inside. The layers reveal stickers, accessories and a doll.

But that’s not the end of the fun. You can bathe your doll to reveal her colour change water surprise.

The dolls ball can either become a keychain or a a bath set. The more you buy the more you can mix and match the adorable accessories with the Confetti pop and pets range.

There’s a whopping 35+ L.O.L surprises Lil sister dolls to collection series 3!

L.O.L Surprise Pets RRP is 9.99 and offers 7 surprises. You can collect puppies, kittens, bunnies and ultra-rare hamsters.

Discover the water bottle inside and either feed or bathe your lucky pet to find out if it cries, spits, tinkles or changes colour.

L.O.L Surprise! Series 3 is for children aged 6+ and is available from all good toy retailers including Smyths and The Entertainer. For more information be sure to visit –

L.O.L website – https://lolsurprise.gae.com/

Thanks for reading!

I’d LOVE to see some pictures of your children’s L.O.L dolls and perhaps we can even trade a few, we have so many!

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