Growing A Thick Skin, Why Mumsy Mum & An Update!

There will always be that one person out there, whether they’re in your life or not, or they may even choose to remain anonymous whether it’s through a ‘friend’ or via social media that will try to put you down or criticise what you are doing to help massage their own ego. It’s a sad world we live in at times and I only feel sorry for them.

It seems these days if you’re doing well (I’m far from on top of the world) rather than people congratulating  you on your success, turnaround or achievements instead they will nitpick and make comments that are only aimed to dent your confidence. This is most probably because they’re jealous of you and or maybe because things aren’t going they want them to in their own life.

Well, hear this my blogging friends…I can assure you throughout the 30 years of life I think I have heard and been called just about everything bad and hurtful possible and therefore it is absolutely no surprise to me to hear it again at any other point in my life. I cried may a times and over the years and I have grown that thick skin. Now any negativity that comes my way simply goes through one ear and out the other.

I’m the sort of person that if I have a problem I have to speak up and say something I cannot just carry on as if everything is normal but saying that I’d also expect the same back. If I have said something or offended someone chances are that wasn’t my intention but I would much rather that person took me to one side to speak about it rather than hold it in.

Now I know my blog is called ‘Mumsy Mum‘ and I also know a lot of my blogs seem to be about me at the moment. I’m changing the perception of your typical ‘Mumsy Mum.’ I am the same as any other regular mum out there., I am not saying I am any better or any worse I just want what every Mum wants…the best for my babies. I have most probably been through the same process if not something very similar to what every other Mum has been through, the tears, the sleepless nights, the ‘I give up’s’ the ‘I can’t do this anymore’ We are all the same really.

Why ‘Mumsy Mum?’ Because I love being creative and I love getting involved in as much as I can with my babies. Hopefully when they both go onto school I can get very much involved with that too and sitting on the committee boards and helping with trips etc.
What’s your definition of a Mumsy Mum? A stay at home Mum who wears frumpy clothes and knits her children clothes and bakes etc. I used to be able to knit but only a scarf at that and after a while I’d even mess that up! My baking skills are non-existent I can only just about bake a ready mixed cupcake kit! (Hands over eyes!)

I’m more about materials and hair if I’m honest. I will most certainly be making my kids costumes for dressing up days and cutting and styling their hairs. I won’t be wearing frumpy clothes if I can help it, I may be 30 but there is still a lot of life left in this one!

My YouTube channel is slightly non-existent at the moment, this is because I simply don’t gave the time. Come September Summer will be joking my little Riley at preschool and so I will hopefully have more time in peace to film. Well that amongst going to the gym! I’m so looking forward to getting a little of my life back.

I know with most blogs and vlogs it wise to let your audience know what days you are putting out posts to keep this a regular occurrence. I however have no idea when I am going to get the time to sit and write a post therefore I can only upload when I can get a moment. When my babies go off to school I will have more time and can commit to uploading on certain days but for now let’s just keep it a surprise?

Mumsy Mum x


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  1. 09/06/2016 / 4:07 PM

    I was told the other day to be ‘RachelSwirl’ not just Rachel … to stop caring what other people think and to just live for living… I think you have to grow a thick skin especially as a blogger as hell there are some horrid opinions out there which really needn’t warrant our time, worry or care xxx

    • 09/06/2016 / 4:08 PM

      Well said!! And yes you be who you want to be nothing more or nothing less xxx

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