Geronimo Festival – Manchester 2017

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I cannot believe how time has flown since our first visit to the Geronimo Festival at Arley Hall, Manchester in May this year!

My family and I were very kindly gifted a weekend pass to this popular children’s festival. This was the first festival the children and I had ever been to and knowing what to expect was minimal. I’d studied their website in great detail and printed out as much as I could to prepare us.

We travelled from Kent on the Friday afternoon after school and preschool. This took us the best park of 8-9 hours due to the half term and bank holiday weekend ahead. It was a drag, we were all exhausted but very happy to see a Travelodge bed waiting for us at the other end.

The festival was planned all very last minute, we don’t own any camping equipment and I’m not sure I’d be able to sleep bearing the worry of my 4 year old Autistic, non-verbal son escaping during the night. Therefore camping was a no no.

Saturday morning we were dressed, fed and on route to Geronimo when the car started smoking and a loud noise came from the front passengers side wheel! Could this really be happening to me now?! 200 miles away from home with the responsibility of 3 children?!

Very luckily I had pulled over close by to an MOT centre. The old chap recommended me a family run garage just down the road. I could not believe my luck when we came to an arrangement that the owner of the garage would drop us off at the festival take our car back to his garage and return it all fixed in time for us to go back to our hotel. The front brake pads and discs needed to be replaced! What a true gent!

After an eventful morning we arrived at the festival and what an eye opener I must say it was. The festival was amazing, I’d not seen anything quite like it (although I do need to get our more) It was a somewhat small dream world, there were endless things to see, watch and try. I cannot even begin to list the amount of activities/ shows on offer for our wonderful offspring, there was simply something for everyone…including the adults!

Geronimo’s website gallery is a heart warming reminder of our magical experience. Looking through the pictures there was still so much more we could have done and seemed to have missed out on.

We enjoyed another fun packed day on the Sunday wearing our Gel-A-Peel bracelets, sun hat, sunnies and bumbag also gifted to my daughter for the event after which we were all utterly shattered from all the wonderful sights and entertainment.

I would 100% love to attend this event next year, knowing what I know now I will certainly be ready for a jam packed magical weekend with my kiddies. I didn’t know what to expect at first but we all came away absolutely buzzing! It only took 4-5 hours trip home and in my opinion this is a small, worthwhile price to pay for such a perfect, fun filled, magical weekend of priceless smiles, giggles and memories!

Thank you Geronimo and see you in 2018!

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