From The Heart – Introducing ‘Mumsy Mum’

I feel a little all over the place with my You Tube channel at the moment. My problem is I have always wanted to do a bit of everything. I think variety is what helps to keep me going. Although I am known as ‘Mumsy Mum’ my blogs and vlogs won’t always be Mummy based. I’m a strong, ambitious independent woman and I will be talking a whole lot of other sh!t too. There’s so much I am interested in so I will be blogging and vlogging about everything and anything I see fit so don’t forget to hit ‘subscribe’ on my channel so you don’t miss out on my craziness.

I qualified as a hairdresser just over 3 years ago, becoming a hairdresser was always a goal of mine. It was something I should have moved on to do once finishing school but this didn’t happen. I know I would have worked my arse off to the top by now. Once I get in the mind set I want something or to do something there is no stopping or getting in my way.

Soon after qualifing I applied to work at 90% of the salons within at least a 20 mile radius from my home. Due to my age (RUDE) no-one wanted to employ me…I guess it was a subtle way of saying I was past it, aww! 🙁 I even offered my services voluntarily to gain experience working within a salon environment but NO…they only want the 16 year old school finishers so they can pay minimum wage #justsaying

So anyway on the 28th March 2013 I gave birth to my first born little boy Riley. I knew in the first glance of looking at him my life had changed forever. Obviously we did everything together Mother and Son and although I went through a lot of struggling and lonely times it’s made me who I am today.

Not long after Riley was born I was bang on Mick’s case day and night! I ‘NEEDED’ a little girl to complete the package. I wanted to buy pink pretty dresses and braid hair! My dream has always been to have 2 children (1x boy & 1x girl) close together in age. That way my children would play together and be ‘sort of’ into the same things as not a big age gap. They’d go to school together and then I’d get rid of them both (as in they move out) around the same time and I’d sort of get ‘my’ life back.

Summer was born the 14th May 2014 (13 months age gap) So far so good!

I didn’t know about having to put your child’s name down on a waiting list for pre-schools and looking around. I didn’t think I even needed to start thinking about this until close him being 2. I was a 1st time Mum without my Mum and every day was a learning day.

When Riley was about 18 months I knew something wasn’t quite right. Riley wouldn’t respond to his name, he wouldn’t make eye contact, he was unbalanced and seemed to trip over his feet all time time. I made numerous visits to the doctors, telephone calls and was non stop trying to seek help and advice to get my little boy to where he should be developmentally.

In June 2015 Riley was diagnoised severly autistic! Even though Riley has a diagnosis and he’s registered disabled I have still had to fight to get my son the support her needs and I’m still fighting every day now!

So back to the beginning of this longwinded blog. I want to be a hairdresser, an arts & crafts maker, a fitness freak/ instructor. I’d like to put out 2/3 vlogs a week, have a successful career and there is so much more I want to do!

Above all of these ‘wants’ there is one thing I cherish much more and that is to be the greatest Mum I can possibly be to both Riley and Summer. I’m talking full blown above and beyond!

We go to stay & play groups already, swimming, I arrange ‘play dates’ where I can around appointments. I’m not afraid to break out into CBeebies song time wherever we are, when one of the kiddies has a meltdown. I’m the Mum that races with the kids in the trolley down the isles in the supermarket because hearing your child/ren laugh is the most rewarding and heart warming sound in the entire world. I’m the first one out on the trampoline when we go in the garden (despite wee’ing myself now! 🙁 ) Even if my bum gets stuck midway going down the slide, or if I want to throw up going around on the roundabout I’d rather show my kiddies how to have fun at the park as opposed to sitting looking miserable on a bench like the whole activity is a bore. I chase after the kiddies, make up funny voices, squeeze, tickle and kiss them both – most probably too much…but that’s me! I do some odd looks, haha!

I enjoy every moment with babies (when they’re NOT bloody whinging at me!) We have so much to look forward to – baking, arts & crafts making, special occasions decorating ie Halloween, Christmas, Easter, movies together, dance/ karate classes, School plays, homemade costume making, fairs, days out, shopping, the list is endless!!! I literally cannot wait for the fun to commence and on the note I intend to be a real ‘Mumsy Mum’!!! (See what I did there :))
More from me soon,

Mumsy Mum x



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