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Borough Box embodies the ethos of the growing craft food & drink culture, so whether you’re looking to buy a box of grass-fed meat from farms in the North; fancying a bottle of hand-made gin from the South; looking to send someone a mouth-watering gift; or simply subscribing to the ultimate food discovery club … you’ll find everything you need on Borough Box.

I attended a blogger events in London and absolutely fell in love with this particular brand. James and I got in touch with one another to discuss collaborating, of course this was a HUGE yes from me! I love tasty foods, organic produce and will give anything a try once. Shortly after our discussion I received a huge box of goodies through the post, thank you!




Enclosed were lots of different products that I certainly wouldn’t be able to pick up at my local Supermarket.


Nankhatai, spiced indian shortbread – Peanut butter

I absolutely love these and ate most of the packet myself! (Hands over eyes) It’s not the type of food I would have selected myself and I certainly felt out of my comfort zone. However I have to say these were delicious and I would eat them again. They’re light, soft and crumbly with an amazing sweet and peanut combination leaving an after taste of spice. In my brian this shouldn’t work but it’s super yummy!






Vegetarian Caviar

I have never tasted Caviar and I felt slightly scared about tasting this. All I could see was a pot of small black balls. I found this a bit salty and not at all fishy (because it’s vegetarian) The Caviar was gorgeous on a piece of homemade wholemeal bread. I couldn’t eat this everyday but it’s certainly a little luxury I would like to try again soon!



Pink Himalayann salt, Pumpkin oil and olive oil infused with basil

I’m not a huge experimentive cooker but I couldn’t wait to try these little beauties! The salt I have used as a table salt and when cooking vegetables and pasta. It has a beautiful, clean taste. With over 80 minerals to match our bodies needs it almost feels like it’s acceptable to put on a little more than usual. I will be stocking up the cupboards up with this bad boy!

I’m quite limited to cooking due to my son Riley who has sensory issues (Autistic) I don’t explore as much as I’d like to as I hate wasting food. The pumpkin oil I used to make homemade chips a they were delicious, even Riley enjoyed these. It’s difficult to describe the taste of this other than a hint of pumpkin flavour. You’ll have to try for yourself. There are so many ways you can use these. I’d love to hear about any recipes you may have tried using these products.

Olive oil infused with basil is just yum! This has a clean and fresh taste and went devine over salad and fresh pasta, thumbs up! I’ll definatly be buying more of this oil it’s no surprise it won an award for it’s great taste!


I recieved some Rawr Organic mint and chocolate which I ate before I even thought to take a picture (naughty me!) This was everything it said on the label and scrumcious beyond belief. I’m not usually a fan of too many sweet things but there was no stopping me after the first bite. A delightful treat.

Handmade vanilla fudge, need I say more?! Simply delicious but once again a little treat now and again or perhaps when you have guests round.


Thank you so much to James at Borough Box for sending me these truly delightful treats. I absolutely loved trying and reviewing these. Lets hope next time I get the lightening better on the vlog!

C x


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