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On Wednesday the 29th July I was invited to a blogger event in Maidstone by the shoe brand Hotter. On arrival there was a generous array of delights laid out courtesy of Marks and Spencer with a choice of water, orange juice and bubbly. I could certainly get used to this.


There was a presentation on Hotter’s history which was fab and a real eye opener that actually there is a heck of a lot involved in making a pair of shoes. Hotter initially started out making slippers. We all love a pair of slippers especially in the winter, why?… because they’re super cosy, warm and comfortable. After a great success making slippers Hotter decided to branch out making their shoes as comfortable as slippers. Can you just imagine for a second how lush it would be to wear your slippers to work or into town shopping all day with the girls, now you can (in a way)


Let’s be honest anyone can make a pair of shoes if they put their mind to it, it’s amazing just how many ‘how tos’ can be found on the Internet these days. Or we could nip to the all famous Primarni for a cheap pair. Hotter doesn’t just make your regular pair of shoes for a one wear use that leaves your feet feeling achy and sometimes blistered.

They have not only chosen some trendy and beautiful styles with lovely colours that are in line with the current fashion trends. On top of this they have been made to support your feet, with breathable fabric, a dual fit, washable materials, super soft leathers, cushioned padding and a gel pad already built-in that all offer great comfort! The sole of the shoes made in the Hotter factory are filled with millions of air bubbles, just imagine how amazing it would feel walking on air? You don’t have to imagine anymore, nip to your local Hotter store to experience the secret concept features for yourself. The soles are 4 times more hard-wearing than rubber plenty of room is allowed for your toes to wriggle and the insoles are also removable.

Hotter’s call centre is right next door to its Lancashire factory opening between the hours of 8am and 4am. There are trained personal shoppers on hand to answer any questions, even if they feel silly like ‘how much does that particular lace weigh’ Wow, talk about great customer service!

In February 2010 there were 5 Hotter stores, today there are 76 in total those figures are huge! The aim for this every growing, well established brand is to have between 80-90 stores in the next couple of years! Hotter is the UK’s biggest shoe manufacturer, making a pair of shoes every 20 seconds. Hotter offers a range of sizes between 3-9 including 1/2 sizes. There is a 90 day guarantee if the shoes hurt your feet or if you’re not happy, simply pop back to the branch and they will offer you a full refund.

Service with a smile! Also I noticed Liam walked around the till area to hand me my bag as opposed to passing this over the till. I’ve worked in retail since I was 16 years old, trust me when I say I know good customer service when I see it!

To me a company is not only about great products but it’s all about providing great customer service and building relationships with your customers. My philosophy is that if you provide outstanding customer service no matter the price or the distance to get to your branch customers will always return. Hotter offers lots of assistance, the Maidstone branch was very spacious, clean, airy with good lighting with many seats at a good height to try on the shoes.

Did you know that Hotter fix shoes? Me neither!

On top of all this wonderful-ness Hotter offer many accessories to accompany your new shoesies. Anything from handbags, leather gloves, pom poms to a range of shoe products and more.

Hotter very kindly gifted me a pair of shoes that evening for attending their event. The choice was mine, I could choose any pair in the shop. However I already knew what pair I wanted after they were held up as an example part way through the presentation. I must say there was absolutely no waiting around! I shot over, tried them on, fell in love and then plain refused to take them off! What do you think of them?

There was a little discussion amongst us bloggers about what we thought about the different designs, weights and styles of the shoes…well it was mostly the other ladies as I had made my mind up within minutes. Here are a few more pictures I took that evening.



The pink shoe is mine and NOT Hotter branded!

Come on you have to be honest, you didn’t think Hotter did shoes like this? That’s ok, me neither! I now know Hotter offer a wide range of different styles that are catered for all ages.

I also filmed a quick few words for Hotter’s YouTube channel, yikes!

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Hope you enjoyed the post?

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  1. 07/07/2016 / 10:58 PM

    love the floral shoes, It looks like you had an awesome time!

    • Mumsy Mum
      08/07/2016 / 7:08 AM

      I did thank you x

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