Eve’s Parcel Review

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Eve’s parcel is specifically designed to make your ‘time of the month’ feel a little more comfortable. Lets be honest we all dread that time of the month.

I was out when this parcel was delivered and had to collect it the following day from the post office. Other than the fact that it’s not quite small enough to fit through your letterbox. I’m finding nothing but positivity with this simply unique bundle of goodies.

I was genuinely surprised when I unboxed Eve’s Parcel. It’s a good-sized cardboard box jam-packed with goodies to pamper you during your time of the month.

CLICK HERE to watch a simple unboxing video (this will redirect you to my YouTube account)

In all honesty I thought I’d receive some sanitary towels which was my choice from the 3 options and a few sample sized products.


I was blown away when I unboxed all of the below!! I honestly feel like it is a perfect Mummy treat specifically for you, something you won’t have to share with the children. It felt like Christmas, removing the tissue paper, not knowing what was inside and exploring each full size item.


As you can see from the picture below of the enclosed items and their descriptions the products received were all of a high quality.

I love the calming remedy roller ball I use this daily on wrists. As you may know I suffer with anxiety and this is a perfect handbag essential.

The Mineral massage soap was simply divine. I used this in the shower and must say that it produces a generous lather and doesn’t offer an overpowering scent.

I haven’t touched the chocolate brownie…yet. As you may know I’m on a strict diet to lose 5 stone! However I am allowing myself one treat a month, this being it!

I received a dark blue eyeshadow, this isn’t a colour I would usually wear but I’ll certainly post pictures on my instagram account when I pluck up enough courage.

I loved the coffee by London Coffee Bag. I’ve not seen coffee in a bag before. It’s certainly something I’m interested to try again in the future. I love the simplicity of rich, ground coffee in a bag and being able to brew it to my liking. I added half a sugar, a splash of milk and I made the perfect coffee.

I haven’t had a chance to experience my jelly foot soak yet but I’m so flipping excited! I’ll be sure to post a photo to my Instagram story/ feed so make sure your following me @clareleexo

Along with a card from Eve’s Parcel inside the box there was a postcard with a motivational quote on it. This read –

‘Today I will not stress over things I cannot control’

I love this because although we all know it’s true…how many of us still stress and worry over things out of our control?!

I’ve put this in the most used room of my house ‘the kitchen’ and each time I see it I re-read it to remind myself.

There was also a 50% voucher, a few advertising leaflets and last but not least my favourite, a monthly Yoga pose on a card. ‘Arching Pigeon Pose’ one of my favourite stretches.

The front of the card shows what the pose looks like. The back of the card tells you how to achieve this pose correctly and why this is good for your body.

Overall I love love love the idea of receiving something solely for myself around that uncomfortable time of the month.

Not only is this a little treat to look forward to, I love the idea of a mixture of pampering goodies. Plus I will no longer have to blush putting sanitary towels on the conveyor belt at the supermarket as these simply get delivered to my front door!

I totally recommend this product. I think it’s a truly wonderful idea and I feel ever so lucky to have been able to review this.

Don’t forget you can get an exclusive 15% off your first box by using code – EVES15

I hope you love your parcel as much as I loved mine.

Clare xo



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