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Wow! What a great experience this campaign has been. I feel a lot more confident second time round as a Mumbassador with TalktoMums (After the 1st campaign)

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It’s been an absolute breeze, mostly due to the fact I’ve been collaborating with the well established brand ‘Ecover‘ Have you heard or used their washing up liquid before? You will have if you’ve passed me these last few weeks (haha) I’ve been giving out free samples left right and centre. Everyone loves a freebie. Some, however turned their noses up at the fact it was washing up liquid! How many of us use/ need washing up liquid…erm everyone?! So if I got the chance to trial a FREE sample then you wouldn’t have to ask me twice!

I used Ecover many years ago and I wasn’t all that impressed if I’m honest. I thought it didn’t lather well, I used lots of the product to produce a lather and it lacked any kind of scent. I know doing the dishes is a chore but us mum’s need a little something to keep us going, even if it’s only a little scent. When I received my large bottle of Ecover to trial I was taken back by the difference.

Not only is Ecover

  1. plant-based with mineral ingredients
  2. made in clean, green factories
  3. washes 40% more plates
  4. cruelty-free
  5. and have been pioneering for over 30 years

I found the previous product completely different to this reinvented Camomile & Marigold scented little wonder.

I’ve always been a fairy liquid kind of girl but actually I find that I use less product, it lathers really well and smells great! On top of all that the product is really kind on my skin (I don’t use gloves) What is there not to like about this?

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