Easter Sunday 2017


How was your Easter weekend? Did you spend time with your family eating a traditional Easter feast? How many eggs did you polish off and which were your favourites?

We had a rather peculiar day this year. We all woke up late, the Easter bunny also arrived late and we ended up ordering a Dominos pizza for lunch (which we finished for dinner also)

Around 3pm everyone napped on the sofa from all the egg-citement (sorry) from egg hunting, garden shenanigans, and playing with the small gifts found inside the plastic eggs that were put around the garden…by the Easter bunny. I decided I’d head up for a relaxing bath and enjoy a LUSH soak in peace. It made a change being able to enjoy a bath bomb. Usually the moment I purchase any Summer goes through a stage of wanting one every night!

Baths used to be a no go for me. They were rare and when in the shower it would be a rush so as not to waste water. I grew up not knowing how to relax. Now I have my own house and pay my own bills I am training myself slowly to sit back and enjoy the moment. I’ve started to begin a little routine. Spa music playing on my iPhone – Apple music and breathing techniques to help me to relax.

Having a bath in peace is actually my new fab way to sort my head out. It’s a way to switch off from all the chores and zone into my own little world where I can be positive and mindful about what I want in life and what I need to do next. I feel relaxed, happy and refreshed.

However on yesterdays occasion I ended up falling asleep on my bed also! Perhaps I was a little too relaxed!

After dinner and bathing the babies I curled up on the sofa with a carrot and coriander soup from M&S and the rest of Summer’s Kinder surprise Easter egg in front of one of my new guilty pleasures…Broadchurch.

Have you been watching this new Drama? What TV box sets can you recommend? I’d love to hear what you got up to yesterday. Get in touch by clicking here



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