Dreamland in Margate – Review

I gotta start off by saying it really wasn’t the land I’d personally dream about, lol. I have memories of travelling to Dreamland with family when I was much smaller and I remember thinking how amazing it was, the rides, the arcades, the lights, atmosphere it was all so much fun back then. I didn’t get that buzz feeling at all on Wednesday of this week when we visited. Or maybe this is because I have grown up and my expectations have changed?


We arrived around 12 ish, the weather was miserable, wet and cold with a bitter breeze and both kiddies had fallen asleep on the journey over. I checked how much the tickets would be before waking the kids up and to my surprise it was another free day out for us all! 2 free careers with the ‘my max card‘ and both kids went free also! Bonus!

I thought it was going to be about £25 in total after checking online so I was uming and ahhing the whole way over if there was much point and whether or not we should save the money for a break to Chessington instead.

We decided to head inside. Mick took Summer on the horse carousel whilst I gave Riley a quick snack. Summer wasn’t that interested but Riley had livened right up. Riley loved going on all the rides at Alton Towers and Chessington, he’s a real thrill seeker.

I decided I’d take Riley on a ‘motorbike ride’ next (not sure what it was called) but it basically had a few booths and the rest of the ride was filled with bikes, obviously I chose a  booth and thank goodness I did! The ride went far too fast for my liking, I had to support myself from sliding all over the place by pushing against the foot rest with my feet and hold onto Riley tightly. That ride was bloody dangerous and should have had seat belts! (I’m def getting old!) After the first go I was done and ready to get off. Riley however kept pulling my hand as if to say that he wanted to go again…4 turns later and finally Riley let me pick him up and we got off the ride together.


This was basically the same story for all the spinning, gut wrenching rides! Riley made me go on each of the rides a few times before he showed me signs that was it was acceptable for me to carry him off onto something different, haha little monkey!


We stopped for a bite to eat, after seeing a fish and chip van. I thought I’d get us all something hot as we needed warming up and then I could make sandwiches and snacks later that evening. I shit you not but after ordering my food and waiting the best part of 35 minutes the food then came! The girl forgot half of my order and didn’t write down all the drinks therefore didn’t charge me for them and the queue was ever-growing! I made a comment about how I shouldn’t have to pay for the drinks due to the amount of time my order took. The drinks ended up being free in the end but 35 minutes…seriously??!!

My beer battered fish and Mick’s battered sausage were cremated and the fish inside was dry and chewy. After checking the kids scampi bites to see if they were cool enough to eat I spat it back out…wtf was that? It was gross, there was tons of grit inside and it had a jelly like texture. I didn’t taste like any scampi I’d tasted before. I took the batter off one of the bites…what do you think? Yuk, we won’t be eating there again I wouldn’t even feed my dog that! It wasn’t cheap either.


Mick and I observed our surroundings and said how run down the place looked, rusty tables and everything needed freshening up with a lick of paint. This was supposed to be the improved, not that long ago opened, famous ‘Dreamland’ that has attracted people from all over the place and maintained its regulars (somehow) Not to mention that half the rides were closed also.


I gotta say I thought it reminded me of the fun park that’s all thrown together after a circus has finished. Nothing looked all that fresh, exciting or even very safe if I’m honest. If it wasn’t for my 3-year-old Autistic son who was having a whale of a time I think I’d have said let’s make a move much sooner. I felt disappointed.


After 4 consecutive turns on the caterpillar ride in the same carriage at the very front (oh the boredom) we decided we’d have a nose around the arcades.


Mick won a dinosaur teddy whilst I ran up to Boots with Riley to get him some antihistamine. He came up in an allergic rash caused by, I have no idea?! I tried to win a Peppa Pig but didn’t, the grabber machines kill me! It’s although a little devil on my shoulder says ‘oh but you were so close, have another go’ Grrrr! £6 plus and still nothing, I wish I’d gone to Smyths and just bought a poxy teddy instead, the pain of loosing is too much!

4 hours plus and we were done with Dreamland. Now I’m hearing it’s going back into administration?! :/ Thank you for the free visit but we won’t be coming back for a very long time.

A rather disappointed Mumsy Mum! x


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    Ouch, I will always give my honest opinion.

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