Diet Intervention And Autism (Part 2)

You may have read my first blog on this subject on my old page I had a lot of comments and positive feedback on this. If you didn’t feel free to have a nose it was a goodun!


I am slowly but surly continuing to read this truly eye opening book as and when I can in between, entertaining and nurturing my babies, dog walking, exercising, household duties blah blah blah. you get the picture! To dive straight into part 2 of this blog –



  • The diet is too difficult and time consuming

This frustrates me on so many different levels! I personally love a challenge, so if something is too hard for me or I don’t understand it properly then I get to know, isn’t this the same with everyone!

‘Time consuming’ seriously, are you shitting me? This is your son or daughters life we are talking about. If you don’t have the time then find the time, make the time?!

Okay so it’s NOT scientifically proven the ‘Autistic diet’ works and I covered those points why it’s not in my first blog (please read if you haven’t, you can find the link on my home page) but if there is any chance that by removing – lets be honest, some rather crappy foods that don’t benefit us, from your child’s diet (Gluten, dairy, GMO & aspartame) and that research has show how these foods can affect a child with Autism – you’d want to give it a go, right?

There is no cure for Autism and whilst I have grown to accept my son is severely Autistic and my 1 year old daughter is doing a lot more than my son if there is any way to give Riley his best chance in life without hurting or dosing him up on pills etc then hell yes I’m going to grab it with both hands and so should you!

Money, what is it good for?

  • The diet is very expensive

Any quality, organic wholesome food is costly because it is good for the body and not pumped with cheap artificial rubbish to make it taste good. At the end of the day you pay for what you get. I didn’t borrow this book because I needed convincing or to debate with my inner ‘excuses’ whether or not to try the diet. I was already doing it. This book confirms the right way to achieve the best results for Riley. I was actually doing only half the diet so I am glad to have come across this little treasure!

If you are happy to potter through life labeling you child as Autistic and feeding them cheap junk that is effecting their brain and therefore their behavior and ability to further their development because you think it’s too expensive, time consuming or difficult for you. I feel very saddened by this and you seriously need to put your child first before you own selfish excuses.


I am far from rich but there are many alternatives out there to work with these days. It will take a little longer when you start out, checking all the ingredients etc and getting to learn about what is okay and what isn’t. But this isn’t just any old thing. this is truly life changing to your child and like my son you will see an improvement.

I can tell you from experience my little boy Riley comes up to me and gives me cuddles, he will hold my hand and walk to and from the car and occasionally says Mum Mum. I have had Riley on the diet since 1st Jan 2016 but made huge boo boos along the way (I’m not perfect) Friends and professionals have seen a difference in Riley and I can only put this down to the diet! I’m so over the moon when Riley cuddles me, he’s 3 and I am only just getting interaction with my son now.


  • Is it necessary to remove gluten, casein, MSG and aspartame from my child’s diet? Won’t I get results from removing one of them?


Come on lets be honest, if you are going to make a cup of coffee but only put in hot water you are only gong to achieve half the results? Whilst yes you may see ever such a slight difference in your child if you are going to start something them aim to finish this and go the full way. No one likes a half done job.

I could go on all evening with all the ‘what ifs’ and ‘buts’ but at the end of the day if you don’t try it then you won’t ever know.

Two very interesting points that the book makes –

  1. You can contact your local supermarket and they will be able to send you a copy of all their own branded gluten and dairy free products
  2. You can get in touch with a center in the UK called the Autism Research Unit and they can check your child’s urine for peptides. This will then help support you going up against other ‘professionals’ when you are asking for help and support.

The book swiftly moves onto ‘the bad guys’ listing a lot if not most of the ingredients to steer clear of. There is a whole heap of recipes and methods. A list of specialist suppliers and a mail order directory.

The advanced diet –

The last part of the book caught me off guard! It moves on to tell you that to achieve the very best results to remove all E-number, ‘classic offenders’ and to only purchase (if you don’t already) organic foods.

E-numbers and organic foods are pretty self explanatory but what are the ‘classic offenders?’ These will be specific to your child and they’re most likely have an intolerance to apples, all citrus fruits, bananas, melons, raspberries, grapes and tomatoes. So just when you think you have enough on your plate and you have found certain foods that ‘work’ there’s more you must eliminate?!


Riley loves an orange it’s the only fruit I have ever been able to get down him. Due to his massive sensory issues he will also not touch any vegetables despite me cooking them in all sorts of different ways to obtain a texture he will at least attempt to try. Riley can sometimes have up to 3 oranges a day. I thought this was a good thing…

Keeping a diary is good advice from the book and once you have removed gluten, dairy, GMO and aspartame if you find your child ‘slipping back’ to their old ways then it could be a simple everyday suspect such as an orange! By removing this also from your child’s diet you may see an improvement in their behaviors and sleep patterns etc.

It’s honestly crazy to know that the foods we eat can affect us all in such different ways. This book is truly a little goldmine packed full of knowledge to help support anyone who is open minded enough to give it a go. If I can do it then so can you!

‘Diet Intervention And Autism’ by Marilyn Le Breton. This book in my opinion is 100% worth a purchase or at least a read from your local library and that’s coming from someone that has never read a book from start to finish before in her life!

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