Delirium – A Day Shopping & The Evening Spent With Ellie Goulding!!!

The countdown to this event has been immense! ‘Ecstatic’ is an understatement to how I’ve been feeling. I have had to put this to the back of my mind to literally be able to function, lol!

I have adored Ellie’s music from day 1! Every album seems to get better and better. What I admire most is she is such a genuine, down to earth, beautiful lady.

I was lucky enough to see Ellie live in 2013 for the first time. I was heavily pregnant with my first born and therefore had seated tickets. This time round I was adamant I was going to make full use of my standing tickets!

A crazy selfie outburst moment in the car alone, haha!

I left the house (Canterbury, Kent) just before 10am to meet my friend in Ashford. After what seemed like a half a day trip to get there we arrived and parked at The O2. It was a very reasonable (for London) £11 to park all day.

 I’m pretty clueless about what day of the week it is let alone how to make my way around London! I was completely in the hands of my friend and luckily she knew where to head to get some lunch. Just over £9 for a return which was only 2 stops on the underground (blimey!!!)

It was my first visit to Westfield it was kind of like Bluewater & Lakeside with a lot more designer shops! Out of place is one way to describe how I felt, is this how the other half live? Thankfully I brought my credit card but even so the most I could afford would probably be a carrier bag in most of the highly luxurious, out of my league shops!

We found a lovely Thai restaurant – Busaba Eathai, and ordered some lunch. I’m so indecisive I decided to go with the fixed lunch menu and ordered a cocktail which cost the crazy price of £7 and I shit you not it was the equivalent to a mouthful! Very nice indeed though!!


After lunch we battled our way towards some ‘more within’ our budget high street shops where I managed to pick up a little summer outfit for myself for the bargain price of £13!! (Only because they were aged 14 trousers, haha!)

My friend led the way mostly but I was happy to potter along side her. I tried to just enjoy having some me time and switch off from the daily routine of ‘does Summer need a bum change, I need to make lunch, did I bring enough nappies, who’s hot, who’s moaning,’ blah blah! However I was non stop clock watching, wishing away every free minute to myself that I had because it meant being one step closer to the moment I have been waiting for.

My feet started to hurt and I had backache, I wasn’t used to shopping like I used to before kiddies, definitely getting old! We headed back to The O2 and stopped at a Brazilian restaurant to top up on an early dinner, a much needed energy boost and another cheeky glass of wine!

The queue was huge we joined the back around 5.30 pm, doors opened at 6 pm. After waiting what felt like forever and moving along in the queue like cattle we got in! To my surprise we were a lot closer to the front than I thought we would get!There were only 2 people in front of me, so I was kinda in the 3rd row!!!!!


Now….I was really excited!! I’d never heard of LANY but I stood there just listening, enjoying every moment completely starstruck that I would be not only in the same room as Ellie Goulding but literally within touching distance!


John Newman was fantastic, his dancing we very quirky to say the least. The girl next to us caught his jacket which I was most jealous about, but when he threw it into the crowd it’s although I dodged it! Maybe that’s my ‘practical Mummy’ thinking, dodge the sick or the swinging arms from naughty little Toddlers that throw down a tantrum because you say no to something.


Yes it goes without saying i’m a huge fan but i’m not crazy, head over hills in love with Ellie Goulding like a lot of the fans were in the crowd because come on, that’s just weird, right!? Crying, shouting out I love you. Yes I think she is amazing, her music, she seems  down to earth, fun and easy going. But I don’t really know her?! And if the day came I ever had the most wonderful opportunity to meet her I’m sure she would think I was a complete freak If I started booing. Anyway that will never happen, it’s like a different world out there!

Every song I soaked in to my core I knew every word and I sung as loud as I could. I filmed a lot to store the memories on my hard drive to watch back anytime. I have a memory like a goldfish! I blame it on the kids! When is it really okay to stop using the excuse you have baby brains? Summer’s 2 in May and I still use it!


There was definitely a range of…’different’ people in the crowd and I seemed to attract them all! They literally came out of nowhere and either pushed me out the way, stood in front of me techno dancing with a mm’s distance from literally knocking me out, or behind me elbowing me in the back! What is the point, seriously? If you wanted to get closer to the front you should have arrived sooner? What is the point in getting off your face on drugs or booze? It just ruins it for everyone else and it makes you look like a twat!

Love love love love loved the evening. Ellie was excellent, her voice was amazing, she spoke to audience like we were her friends she had a alcoholic drink on stage and openly joked about burping in front of the whole of The O2 it made me smile, she’s so lovely and stunning. It’s wonderful to see a successful, worldwide star without her head up her arse! #justsaying

The night was over, Ellie had left the stage, The O2 had cleared out. My feet hurt, the backs of my ankles where I was tip toeing (it’s NOT cool being short!) the whole night and my neck from literally stretching like a giraffe to see her. It was way past my bedtime but worth every single second. Buzzing I was indeed, I cannot wait for the next concert!

I NEVER buy merchandise but I yet again joined the back of a very long queue and spent a whopping £25 on a t-shirt which probably cos a fiver to make! But hell, it had Ellie Goulding on the front – what a sucker I am!


It was truly an amazing day spent in London, (window shopping) tasting wonderful food/s, taking in different sites, people watching, and of course spending the night with Ellie Goulding was the complete highlight to the whole day – Perfect.

I am however happy to now be comfortably back at home with a cup of Pukka Cleanse tea where I feel safe and I have my babies with me.

Thank you for a wonderful time Ellie but for me it’s back to being ‘Mumsy Mum’ x 


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