Clean out your inbox week !!!

Are you super organised? Or are you like me? You read something whether it be an email, whatsapp or a text and think ‘I’ll reply to that later’ then a few days on something jolts your memory and you finally get back around to re-reading and occasionally replying?

Well this week the 23rd – 27th is dedicated to people just like us. Who have thousands and thousands of emails. Some we reply to and others we simply ignore but select once so as not to show the constant reminder of how many unread emails we have on our phones?

I have 3 email accounts and this week I am going to set a side some time to go through all my emails. To unsubscribe from the annoying and persistent properganda that drops into my inbox a little too often. To save important emails and delete the rest ready to receive new future opportunities.

Do you have a secret to keeping on top of your inbox?

Any tips, I’d love to hear!

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