#Blogmas2016 Why I wrote this off on the 1st of December !!!

The ‘C’ word is upon us…Christmas!!! (Tut tut!) This year I thought I’d really like to get involved with the festive hashtags and YouTube videos on my ‘non existent’ channel with a huge following of, wait for it…27 subscribers !!!

The build up feels different this year. Maybe it’s because my youngest ‘S’ who is 2 and a half understands more about this festivity and seeing the excitement on her face makes everything so much more worth the time and effort. My little man however is just as chilled out as he usually is. ‘R’ has examined the texture on the baubles and enjoys the room being lit with just the christmas lights. Other than that, I don’t think he’s too bothered.

#Vlogmas is always trending on social media at this time of year. I thought what better way to raise my profile than to get onboard? I love watching all the YouTube videos out there and seeing how the world spends their December leading up to that special day.

Family’s taking trips out in matching wellies, perfect photos with Father Christmas in his Grotto, putting up the perfect christmas tree and decorations, gorgeous backdrops filled with fairy lights, mouth-watering bakes, hot chocolate with marshmallows and steaming roast dinners, ‘what’s Elf been up to’ photos and so much more. The list is endless!

But HOW does everything look so darn perfect? I know the secret – a lot of hard bloody work and stress!

There’s GOT to be a lot of stress in taking that perfect family photo in pristine clothing with 4 kids whilst taking the dog for a ‘family stroll’ in the muddy woods.

Or allowing the kids loose on the Christmas tree but making sure to sort the bauble arrangement quickly yourself before capturing the perfect photo of your prince or princess putting the star on top of the tree for your Instagram.

Or using the God send perfect ‘multi-shot’ option on your camera, because no matter if you have to take 1000 pictures of Father Christmas and your little one. Chances are at least one will look perfect on the Christmas card you have set your heart on sending to all the family this year. I could go on and on and onnnnnn!

I’ve got to be honest it sounds tiring just reading that back to myself and quite frankly I didn’t want the stress. Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas and everything about it. The decorations and lights, the huge amounts of love in the air, the cold weather that forces us all to snuggly up with festive cushions and throws with the latest Christmas design on that we will never use again after the next few weeks. I just don’t have the energy nor do I want to make our lives seem something they’re not.

Changing the subject quickly. Seriously, what is up with shopping this year? Is the town always so aggressive? A few days ago I was childless and headed into town (I live in a city) with a huge list and the intention I would get it all done in the few hours I had. I managed less than half on the list!

Holy smokes! It was like a scene from ‘The Walking Dead’ either the ladies were fighting through the crowds to get their christmas cards, Pandora charms and bottles of perfume and the blokes were standing there like zombies in the fricking way of everyone!

No need for them to be there of course. Because we all know it’s the ‘Woman’s’ job to buy for the entire family/s, teachers, neighbours all the way down to your pet fish! Men, do us a favour stay at home, go cut us a christmas tree, chop some wood and build a man fire for our return, if you want to do your part.

Shopping is a woman thing, come on! Us woman have our particulars and even though we ask the men in our lives for their opinion (probably to try to make them feel included) you and I both know we will always go with our first choice in the end! So lets all cut the crap and cut down on the shopping traffic and stresses. Us women will be able to think straight, not worrying about if we’re making Christmas shopping romantic and enjoyable and probably be out-of-town in half the time. And the men can be at home with a beer, no nagging, doing ‘man jobs’

Sort of went off the point of this blog there but hey ho someone needed to say it.

So…I wanted to create the perfect background to film my vlogs. Then I thought how will I get away with the state of the rest of my house! My mind started to run and before you knew it I had so many ideas on how I wanted to film, where I’d film and all my content. Needless to say I was super excited!

The 1st of December came and wa la Mother Nature hit me – what a b!tch! I felt like a sack of shit! We’d also arranged to revisit a mainstream school for our son (who is Autistic) and annoyingly bumped into the parents who didn’t invite my children to her child’s birthday party from the preschool. Merry f@cking #Blogmas day 1!

Day 2 and all the way up to this very second has been filled with bunking preschool because either one of us has been too tired to get up or simply cba. The destroying of christmas decorations and rearranging of baubles on the tree. A lot of TV and iPad time,  night terrors from my youngest, coughing and gagging fits, pajama days, bright green snot hanging from chins, dodgy poos up the backs and through the clothing all based in a shit tip of a house, trust me the list goes on!

The one day that I thought might have been worth filming was when I went into town on my own, but to be perfectly honest I ordered a job lot from Amazon last night in the comfort of my own bed completely stress free. I won’t be going into town anytime soon! Although saying that if I have Riley in his buggy I maybe tempted to mow people over that don’t watch where they’re walking, don ‘t have manners, too busy texting or that try cutting me up and walking in front of me #justsaying

So there you have it! The reason I’ve not joined in with the #blogmas festivity this year!

P.s – I’m not the Grinch, I promise! Our house had just been hit with a horrible bug 🙁 I’m sure reading all about dodgy poos and illumines snot wouldn’t be high on your reading list let alone something you’d entertain watching! I’d rather keep my 27 subscribers not destroy the very little I have!

Wanna get in touch, share your #blogmas or #vlogmas links? Click here, I’d love to have a nose!

Clare 🙂






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