Bite Me!

Today I woke up late and rather than rushing out of bed to get the kids dressed and get Riley sorted for preschool I was instead like ‘oh well Riley can have the day off’ After opening the curtains and windows and boiling the kettle to make a cup of green tea I thought ‘come on Clare, get your arse in gear!’ So I raced around like a mad woman and managed to get Riley to preschool just half an hour later that usual.

After dropping Riley off I thought I’d take Summer to Big Fun house (a children’s indoor play centre) I said to Summer in the car shall we go to Big fun and have some…fun? She said ‘no’ I said what about going down the slide and dancing in the disco room? ‘no’ she replied. I then said ‘what about seeing some bunny rabbits instead?’ ‘ok’ she replied. So I did a 3 point turn on a main road (hands over eyes) and headed for Pets at home. Sumer then said ‘and a cow, and a goat’ hmm ‘what about fish?’ I replied, ‘ok’

That was easy I thought! I took my purse, phone and keys and left my bag in the car as it was full of nappies, snacks and juice and I didn’t need to carry it round for the sake of it I could head back the car if needed. Well… Summer loves the bunny’s and found it hilarious when she banged on the glass and they all dashed to hide. Of course I explained to Summer she mustn’t do this as she will scare the animals and it’s not very kind. You can probably guess what happened next…first public meltdown of the day, joy! Followed by a whole lot more whilst I tried to find a good durable toy he wouldn’t destroy after 2 minutes. I had my hands full and yes of course Summer wanted carrying all round the shop after her tantrum.

After a look around the shops on the estate and anywhere between 6-8 Summer meltdowns over nothing we headed back to the car to pick Riley up. Usually when I get to the entrance Riley is waiting ready at the door as though he has had enough, not today! I had to have a look around the room for him. He seemed so grown up and happy in his surroundings. I was told by Riley’s key worker that another child had bitten Riley on his back today because Riley went to take a toy off the boy. She pulled down his t-shirt and wow…indeed he had been bitten! She said she put a cold compress on it, which I believe as I found this down the back of Riley’s vest when we got to the car! Poor boy, talk about uncomfortable!

My thoughts… wtf, a bite! GRRRRR! But actually I have to say as much as it gets my back right up that someone has hurt my little boy and I wasn’t there to intervene or prevent this from happening, it’s also something that’s not really in anyones control. Riley is severely autistic I’m not sure what the other children’s diagnosis are but if Riley was to have bitten a child as much as I would tell him it’s wrong to bite, he simply doesn’t understand. So I cannot hold a grudge on this one! An apology from his Mum wouldn’t have gone a miss though as that’s something I would have done out of courtesy even if it’s out of my control, grrr. Moan over…or maybe not!

I park up at home and Summer decided she wants to have a nap and Riley decides he doesn’t want to get out of the car and instead he wants to play with all the buttons and indicator so I’m sure I will be in for a surprise next time I use my car! I unload the car walk into my house to this…

IMG_0584 IMG_2796 IMG_6285

Buddy had trashed my front room, Summer’s melissa & doug wooden cleaning toys and his wooden toy basket! I didn’t think it’d be necessary to take a photo of the cats sick on the kitchen floor too! After fighting to get Riley inside and waking up Summer I race around throwing as much as I can onto 2  plates as quick as I can for lunch. I’m mid way through cleaning up the front room when there is a knock at the door. It’s the health visitor about appealing my case to get Riley larger nappies. I completely forgot! I put the kids in the front room along with Buddy and we sat in the kitchen so I could think straight. We can’t have been any longer than 15-20 mins. I go back to check on the kids, theres cardboard everywhere and a shit the size of half a football on my carpet! THAT’S IT final straw! I slung Buddy out in the garden and cleaned up my shit tip of a house! So much for shampooing the carpets last night!

Once I get the house back in order it’s dinner time! Here we go again! Buddy’s barking his head off outside, Riley is up and down the stairs and Summer is throwing a tantrum about strawberries, my head is pounding! Roll on 7pm I thought to myself! Dinners done, the kids ate the turkey drummer and left everything else! Riley swung the swinging chair in the front room and this went whack in his face giving him a fat lip! And then when he had finally calmed down with his iPad he tripped over the stairgate and hit the floor with his head! BIG flipping sigh!

Bath time!!!! I don’t care if it’s only 5.30pm these kiddies are going to bed early and so am I! Bath time was the usual, battling with Summer to wash her hair and having to pin both the monkeys down to brush peggys, why is everything such flipping hard work?! Stay still and I can get things done much quicker.

Blackcurrant fruit flakes, a biscuit and a tommee tippee beaker filled of milk before a kiss, a cuddle, leave the bedroom door open a jar and I’m so flipping outta there! I literally dropped on the sofa. I sort of wish in a way that this morning I had in fact stayed in bed a little while longer and let Riley have the day off school, bloody typical or what!

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  1. 19/06/2016 / 12:33 AM

    Oh my god that sounds like a shitter of a day, big hugs to you. Lets hope tomorrow is better x

    • Mumsy Mum
      19/06/2016 / 2:18 AM

      Yesterday was even wore actually Hun ? lets hope today is better. Hope everything is going well your end x

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