Always Expect The Unexpected…

Yesterday morning I was woken up not by my usual alarm clock – Summer (my wonderful daughter) but instead by the smell of sh!t, gross! I laid in bed on my back sniffing away hoping I was imagining it as I wasn’t ready to get up! My money was on Riley, he usually saves little beauties like this for when I’m least expecting it. After checking a few times that it wasn’t in fact my morning breath (which it certainly wasn’t, I smell like roses, ha!)

I peel myself out of bed thinking I’d sort Riley out and then try to get a few more z’s in as it was only 6ish. I head downstairs and Summer is sat up on her bed playing on her iPad, no smell of poo from her room! I head into Riley’s room with the wash bowl and more than prepared for the mess! I very classily sniff at my sons bum, but to my surprise Riley was poo-less! Where the hell is this smell coming from?!

Downstairs I go and bing bang bong Buddy (8 month old chocolate labrador) had decided to redecorated his cage 🙁 It was definitely time for me to get up now! I opened all the windows and patio doors and out I threw all the dog blankets to be hosed down!

I make a green tea and start with my morning routine of chores. I pack Riley’s bag and lunch ready for preschool and a little snack bag for Summer. I get the kiddies dressed and then myself. 9 am and it’s time to head out the door, where has the last 3 hours gone?!

Summer and I drop Riley off at school and head to Mothercare to look at buying a buggy board. I can’t keep holding Summer every time she decides she doesn’t want to walk. Riley has gotten to big for my over £700 double Phil and Teds buggy! He fit’s just perfect in the first ever buggy we bought for him when he was born costing just £200 that also came with a car seat and all the extras, sadly it’s just a single buggy.

£110 for the Lascal buggy board and seat attachment, yikes! I said thank you so much for your time but I will order from eBay! What…unless I win the lottery there’s no way in hell I’m spending out that much!

I will hopefully be hearing back from the charity Caldwell about a special needs buggy for Riley soon. According to the manufacturer of the model I have chosen, a buggy board isn’t compatible 🙁 Therefore I’m still at a loose end about how to deal with giving Summer’s leggys a rest other than having to carry her…any ideas?

Morrison’s here we come! I carry over a very large M&S cool bag and resight over and over again ‘I will not buy anymore than what will fit in this bag’ £60 later and having to encourage Summer to walk due to the buggy being stacked to the brim, there wasn’t an  available space in sight, I was getting classier by minute!

Other than heading to Co-op for a few other bits I thought to get on my way back, nipping  to the butchers to get the dogs bones, rushing home to put the shopping away and  collecting Riley there’s not a lot else to tell you all that you’d be interested in.

I did however manage to catch up with one of my favourite box sets at the moment ‘The Vampire Diaries’ I’m a little confused where the storyline is heading but I love all the characters and I was so glad to get a little me time and a huge dose of the fantasy world!

Can you recommend any good box sets or good books?

Mumsy Mum x


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  1. 25/05/2016 / 4:04 PM

    I fully recommend Desperate Housewives. I have three episodes left from season 8 (the final season) and I have loved every minute of viewing.

    • 25/05/2016 / 4:10 PM

      Ok I will give it a go, thank you ?

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