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Sorry I have been quiet for a while. I have been having a break from all things social media. Something that used to rule my life was starting to very much take over it and I wanted to shut off from everything to see how differently I would feel. I used to love reading Facebook and all the drama, now I just want to steer clear of any negativity, only reading the positive.

There is so much social media involved these days – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Google+ (that’s all that I use) but there is so much more out there to get sucked into and that’s before I even mention all the other games and apps that are available on the App Store!

The problem nowadays is that if you don’t keep up with it you’ll simply get left behind as technology is forever growing it’s scary crazy! I can say that from experience. When I returned back to my now ‘old place of work’ Carphone Warehouse after 2 years maternity leave. I was gobsmacked by how much further forward technology had gone in such a short space of time.

There are some aspects about technology that I love, sat nav being a huge favourite as I have absolutely no sense of direction! However sometimes I feel it would be good if everyone could take a break from it all, just switch off.

I have started to notice more and more people with their heads buried deep in their phones. Walking along the path, in cafes/ restaurants and even whilst driving. How scary to be so consumed almost addictive in something which is technically invisible (the World Wide Web)

Anyhow that’s why I have been so quiet lately. I have missed writing and therefore I am back…hey!

Mumsy Mum x


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  1. 16/06/2016 / 6:13 PM

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  2. 05/06/2016 / 11:37 PM

    welcome back to the invisible world x

    • 06/06/2016 / 8:39 AM

      Haha ? you don’t think I was being rude with that ‘invisible’ comment do you ? x

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