A Priceless & Thankful Moment…

Today I didn’t roll out of bed until 9 am! I was up at 7 am but couldn’t find the will to move after a rather crappy night of the kids waking up and making me run up and down the stairs! My head still feels like it’s going to explode – poxy wisdom tooth! I now have a strip of ulcers down either side of my tongue and my mouth was swollen last night!

I called the dentist and they said if I could get there within the next 30 mins I could be seen. Considering I was phoning from under my duvet and that I’d not set one pinky out of bed there was no chance in hell I would make it over to Whitstable in 30 mins!

I phoned my doctor to see if they could prescribe me some antibiotics as it’s the same rehearsal every 6 months with my wisdom teeth but there is never a sign they will pull the bloody things out! My doctor said we need to see you really and all we would recommend is to gargle salt water, well thanks for nothing! I will phone the dentist earlier tomorrow and get some pills. Boo! Today will be another day of being in pain and dosed up to my eyeballs with paracetamol and ibuprofen with regular Corsodyl intervals.

We’re having a jammy day today (pj day) Just as well as it’s 12 pm and Riley is still soundo! As much as it would fill me with payback joy waking him up I think he probably needs the rest, damn it!

Summer was awake when I finally got out of bed. I changed her bum and we both headed downstairs in our pjs sporting bed hair. Summer ran into the front room to get her butterfly wings and skirt, handing it to me she said ‘Mummy, butterfly’ I dressed my little girl and we headed to the kitchen for some breakfast.

I sat Summer on the side and said you do want some apple juice? ‘okay’ that’s easy I thought. Do you want some toast and jammy ‘okay’, ‘Mummy, down’ Summer runs over to the fruit bowl takes an orange and comes back to me saying ‘orange’ I sat her back on the work surface and we peeled an orange together.


Green tea in the making, bread in the toaster and peeling an orange with my 2-year-old daughter. It was in that very moment I felt inspired to write this blog. How lucky am I? I will never again feel alone. I’m heading towards the ‘breakeven’ Summer can finally communicate with me and she understands what I’m saying. Yes she loves to throw down a tantrum but hey ho so does her Mum (hands over eyes) I’m so very proud of both of my babies and today in that split second my heart overflowed with joy and my eyes welled up. I didn’t feel like this was going to be never-ending anymore, each day was starting to get that little bit easier.

(These photos weren’t taken this morning, but how cute!)

I have a forever friend, my daughter Summer.


Mumsy Mum xxxxxxxx


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  1. 25/05/2016 / 3:45 PM

    Oh I love how little girls join in with the fun of hum drum of the day (including doing our makeup and hair)

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