A date with Andrew Barton…

I was very kindly sent some Andrew Barton products to trial. My hair is very long and in desperate need of a cut. I remember the days when I used to shower and wash my hair twice a day (which I know isn’t great) I used to blow dry and straighten it using more products than I could count on both hands! Now I wash my hair every other day ‘if i’m lucky’ and I usually put it straight up in a high pony tail or a bun to keep it out the way, only part drying this.

It’s the time that’s the issue. I simply don’t have the luxury of spending time to maintain myself like I used to, how sad is that! Anyway…when I received these goodies through the post I was super excited, it was the equivalent to a trip to the spa kind of moment for me.

That evening I finished my chores and headed up for a shower. It’s so sad that I get excited about having a shower, that’s what having 2 toddlers does to you! You suddenly appreciate the things you used to take for granted, even personal hygiene! I know I’m not alone here some of my Mummy friends feel the same.

I was kindly sent 3 products –

  1. S.O.S Hair Repair TREATMENT MASK
  2. S.O.S Hair Repair MIRACLE HAIR OIL
  3. Protect My Colour HEAT PROTECT SPRAY

It’s as though the lovely Laura had seen my terrible hair in photos and was like ‘wow that girl needs some serious hair care’ haha!


I washed my hair using my current Lo’real shampoo and then applied the treatment mask. The instructions said to apply an almond sized amount but I thought long hair, extremely damaged I’ll go for a little more…at least a golf ball size (hands over eyes) The treatment smelt wonderful and was a great consistency. I applied this to the ends of my hair and then worked it up gradually to my roots. I also used a comb to make sure it was applied fully and to get rid of any knots. I left this on for a while whilst I attended to…other areas, haha! When rinsing my hair I was surprised by how soft and silky it felt.

Out the shower and hair has been towel dried, I pump a good few drops of miracle oil on my hands and use the same method working from the ends to the roots. My hair felt different although I haven’t taken much notice in it in a while however it was in desperate need of some oil and TLC. The oil, was oil I guess, it smelt so good I could have eaten it (but I wasn’t hungry – phew!) it did everything it said on the bottle which is great!

Last but not least the heat protection spray, this was my favourite product! This smelt amazing and left my hair smelling great the entire day! I sprayed it all over my hair before blow drying. The nozzle was fab and instead of only spraying in small areas this covered a large range of my hair meaning a lighter mist and more coverage!

Once my hair was fully dried I was really impressed with the outcome, my hair felt nourished and it was bye-bye fly aways! My hair smelt good, felt good, looked in better condition and was much easier to style.

Really happy with the products, thank you 🙂

A feeling pampered Mumsy Mum x





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  1. 07/07/2016 / 11:06 PM

    I may have to try these they look good!

    • Mumsy Mum
      08/07/2016 / 7:09 AM

      Yeah they’re great products x

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