50 Facts About Me You Did Not Know!

  1. I eat spaghetti cold out of the tin
  2. I’m addicted to chocolate biscuits
  3. I can’t run (I can do any other kind of exercise just not running)
  4. I will only wear Nike & Zagorra sports wear
  5. I’ve forgotten how to use Android (even after working at Carphone for 9 years)
  6. I can’t stand 2 faced people
  7. Ellie Goulding & Rachel Bilson are my girl crushes!
  8. I have no allergies
  9. I dream about winning the lottery all the time!
  10. I haven’t had a decent nights sleep since Riley was born
  11. I hate throwing food away (hence why my diet has gone out the window)
  12. I only drink green tea
  13. I love poached eggs with a sprinkle of salt
  14. I think I have more fun at the park than the kids
  15. I love my car and the freedom it gives me
  16. I always try to push myself to be better
  17. If I know something needs doing (like the hovering) I cannot sit down and relax until I have done it.
  18. I love watching a good box set
  19. I heart Cath Kidston BIG TIME!
  20. I’m scared of the dark
  21. I hate thunder and lightning I will literally hide under the covers
  22. I try not to read about whats going on in the world as it really gets me down, worries and scared.
  23. I hate horror films
  24. I don’t like being spun around, made dizzy and rollercoasters
  25. Baths make me feel like I’m suffocating, I’m a shower person!
  26. Picking poo out of the plug hole is a regular for me with Riley! Ewww, gross!
  27. I could quiet easily sit and eat a whole sharing bag of crisps or chocolate to myself
  28. I love cooking a roast
  29. I wear contact lens and I’m still blind as a bat!
  30. The beach is my favourite place
  31. Summer is my best time of the year
  32. I’m a huge romantic
  33. I want the fairytale
  34. I cry a lot
  35. I’m such a weakling and pathetic at lifting anything
  36. If I want something I must have it there and then
  37. I’m a quarter Chinese and a quarter Irish
  38. Orchids, daisy and daffodils are my favourite flowers
  39. I’m pretty certain I have OCD
  40. I know all the words to the CBeebies album
  41. Getting into bed with fresh bed sheets makes me so happy
  42. I hate walking around in bare feet because I think it’s dirty
  43. I’m super ticklish
  44. I hate feet and hairs
  45. Seeing bogies/ snot hanging from people’s noses makes me flipping gag big time!
  46. I hate spiders and anything that crawls
  47. I bruise easily I’m like a peach
  48. Pink is my favourite colour
  49. I’m an expert at holding a grudge
  50. I can’t hold back a laugh! When it comes out there’s no stopping it!

Do you have any weird and wonderful facts about yourself?

A feeling rather revealed Mumsy Mum x


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    • Mumsy Mum
      08/07/2016 / 3:36 PM

      Aww thanks Hun! There’s actually quite a few weird facts about me so may extend to 100 facts ? xx

  1. Samantha Rodriguez
    22/06/2016 / 4:55 AM

    I love you Bubsey, no matter what! I love reading your blogs and looking at all the lovely pictures that you post. I wish that i wasn’t so far away, because i know BIG TIME, that i am missing out. I love Riley and Summer, just as much as i love you, even though i have never met them. They are part of you and thats all that matters. You are all very important to me, even though sometimes i get too busy and distracted. But i need you to know that i love you all very much and you are in my thoughts and prayers. Love always, Auntie Sam xoxoxox

    • Mumsy Mum
      22/06/2016 / 8:05 AM

      Thank you so much for your kind message we love you all too! Always thinking of you but yes motherhood is a full time role and sitting down is hard let alone anything else right now. Wish you didn’t live so far away too! Hopefully we will see you very soon xxxx love you xxxx

  2. 21/06/2016 / 10:23 PM

    Heheh I too love Cath Kidston

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